Creating valuable connections

We connect brands with consumers, content with audiences, visions with reality.

Our teams work with clients from the entertainment, finance,
transport and travel industries, and many more besides.

Our approach is ideas-led, combining strategy
and planning with a flair for digital delivery.

We create experiences that will immerse people – whether that’s through innovative live events, encounters in the digital sphere, traditional media or concepts that are totally, radically new. It’s about finding the perfect mix, embracing new ways of connecting, maximising each person’s links with a brand.

With roots in the entertainment industry, we know how to tell a story, to connect with an audience’s emotional core. Because ultimately that’s what everyone wants: to be swept away, moved, and entertained.

We are OTM, Dragon, Dijit and Edicis AV...

...and we’re connected by more than just the bottom line.
We’re close-knit. Like-minded. Even though we think in radically different ways.

Ideas flow easily between our teams, growing and adapting in each new environment. A concept born in one part of Edicis can find expression in another, with transformative results. The client solutions we develop seldom follow a conventional path, and are stronger for it.

The more effective an idea, the more connections it makes possible

Take our British Film campaign, created to bring together British film industry leaders and powerful enough to connect a range of brands and audiences – from wealthy clients at Citi to impromptu filmgoers at special events and festivals.

Take the innovative approach of Dragon – revolutionising our understanding of entire markets through content-driven dialogue across digital and print.

Or our Cannes Opener event, bringing new filmmakers together with production companies, sponsors and press in the run-up to the world’s biggest film festival.

Our ideas don’t always stem from the obvious place...

...a client’s stated need. We think ahead, exploring themes and concepts on our own, and look for ways in which clients can use them. If an idea inspires us, we put our money where our mouth is and invest in it. That’s why we’re supporting young filmmakers, and training young musicians through our Music Masterclass Foundation.

For us, it’s all about finding that telling angle.
Following the idea until it takes shape, and connects.

And from that connection, comes value.